Catch up!

Today i’m just going to write about being available.In this life we know, we get busy and in this era of mental health it is very easy to forget to check on our friends and family. Its easier to assume that everyone is okay based on their social media status updates.

This year l should admit l have been lazy to write and been caught up in so many unfinished posts but i will try to pick up were l left and try to share what i have learnt.Its very easy to lose time and eventually fail to claim it or realize how days have passed and turned into weeks and months.

The same happens with friendships and family ,as days pass by ,if we don’t check on our loved ones we never know whats going on in their lives. In order to know what our dear ones are going through it requires effort from either parties to check on each other .But one may question what if the gestures are not reciprocated or will it not sound as if im poking my nose in their business? Well ,then i shall tell you what a close fan of mine once asked me, “which one is better to hear that your friend that you claim is your friend committed suicide or has been battling with depression for months/years and you were not aware of it.Will that make you a good friend?” Certainly it won’t and do not know if anyone would feel great about it. Therefore my question for the day goes beyond a how are you question to our friends,family,co-workers. When was the last time we checked on our families i.e aunts,grandmothers, friends from school,work etc?

It takes few words and effort to make someone feel better.Maybe all they need is a Twitter,Facebook,email message for them to get through a tough day or to open up. To allow people to open up, I believe it takes just an effort to listen. I believe listening is different from running out of things to say ,its taking time to make it about the other person. In case its difficult to listen or there is no time for it, a small note wishing someone a good day goes a long way to brighten the day. If it sounds difficult how about  we start by sending a note, or meeting up just for bonding sessions. lol. Well my old fashioned self would not mind a letter or email or voice note and i guess our loved ones don’t mind that,too.

I challenge anyone reading this post to just send a ‘Hi’ message to all their friends and check on them .You could start by asking whats the funniest thing that has happened to them the past days/week/month or their fantasies or their happy place. You will be surprised to learn that apart from the chaos that each and everyone is going through there are funny things to talk about.And because of that,they may end up opening on what they are going through in the end all you have to do is “LISTEN” even if you don’t have a solution.#wellness#mentalhealthiskey! you want to share how it goes email at

One thought on “Catch up!

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    it true mental health is key… we lost some friends because we had no idea about what they were going through. I’m inspired by this. It does not hurt to be kind and extra careful and cautious to people around us. They may be going through a battle that we do not know. Checking up on them is not so bad if it means we helping save a life.

    Be kind and be a good friend or relative. You never know who needs you

    I’m sure it counts…

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